Soledad O'Brien's Starfish Foundation Works With Young Women

On June 9, Soledad O'Brien and her husband, Brad Raymond, hosted their sixth annual benefit gala in New York for their Starfish Foundation.

This year's event is particularly focused on mentorship.

"When someone helps you out and picks you up and puts you on the right path, you sort of owe it to turn around and reflect back to them the things that you see are possible for them," O'Brien says. "Sometimes we need someone to tell you what you're good at and what you could do."

The foundation's support and education for young women helps with college and continues with advising them on their careers. This includes lessons on how to find an internship an how to dress for an office job.

The young women have conversations about knowing how to make sure you're being paid what you deserve, how to ask for a raise and how to walk away when you're not getting what you deserve.

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