O'Brien's "Don't Fail Me" Education Documentatry

A number of readers of this blog - especially teachers - have written or commented that they would like to purchase a copy of the Don't Fail Me documentary to use. CNN does not generally make copies available and does not maintain an online archive of programs.

However, some of Soledad's previous documentaries, such as Black in America and Almighty Debt: A Black in America Special, have been made available as DVDs.

CNN anchor and special correspondent Soledad O’Brien reported on the human cost behind a crisis in public education, which has aligned business leaders and politicians concerned about American students not receiving the rigorous math and science education necessary to qualify them for the technology jobs that define the global 21st century marketplace.

In the special,  O’Brien follows a national high school robotics competition called FIRST to answer the questions about the future of education in this country and what is working. Tracking the progress of three teams from three different states across the country, she learns more about the success areas and the gaps in the nation’s preparation for future competitiveness.

Only 31 percent of American college students actually graduate in four years, and the most recent international tests ranked U.S. high school students at 17 in the world in science and 20 in math.

Don't Fail Me  is part of the network's continuing "In America" series.


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