Soledad O’Brien Hosts Empowerment Conference for Young Women

When Soledad O’Brien was in college, she had a mentor who helped guide her toward success , and also influenced her subsequent decision to provide similar support for other young women.

“I had one phenomenal mentor while I was in college who taught me the tools of my trade, inspired me to want to be a journalist and most importantly gave me the confidence to navigate a tough profession,” O’Brien said. “It transformed me and leads me to believe that this kind of support for young women is vital in helping them achieve their goals.”

O’Brien and her husband, Brad Raymond, founded in 2011 what is now called the PowHERful Foundation with a primary mission to get young minority women from low-income families to and through college by providing financial assistance, mentorship and other support.

The foundation holds PowHERful Enrichment Conferences across the country, the most recent being in Jacksonville, Florida “to create an opportunity for girls across the country who have limited means to get all the resources they need to get through college and into the workforce... all the things that parents and professionals might offer a young woman of greater means.”

The Jacksonville event is is one of seven announced for 2017. The next one is May 13 in Atlanta.

To donate, apply for a scholarship or get more information about the PowHERful Foundation, contact the foundation at 134 W. 26th St., Suite 1150, New York, NY 10001 or go to powherful.org.

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