Soledad O'Brien Speaks at African American Leadership Conference

Journalist Soledad O’Brien spoke to an audience of 500 business and civic leaders on October 13, 2016 at the annual African American Leadership Conference.

Offering networking and career advancement advice from local business executives and civic leaders, the eventis is in its fifth year and is presented by the Empowerment Network.

O’Brien told participants that growing up “biracial in a not very diverse” community “made me curious about digging into conversations about race” and informed her longtime journalism career. "You can’t reach people if you’re not open to talking about difficult issues.” she said.

She also offered young professionals advice about on-the-job role models and mentors.

“I often tell people you don’t need a formal mentoring relationship,” she said. Instead, “look at the leaders in the room. You need to be scanning them. Take note of what they’re wearing, even what time they arrive at the office, and then follow their example."

Source: omaha.com

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