Soledad's New Media Model

Soledad O'Brien has taken on new roles at HBO's Real Sports and at and Al Jazeera America. Both of these new venues for her reporting have gotten her criticism.

Soledad recently responded saying that her response is similar for both situations:

"What do you know about sports? CNN? You’re working for CNN? People who think I am working exclusively for anybody doesn't really understand the philosophy behind Starfish Media Group, my new company.

The entire philosophy is to be able to take the things that I like doing, long-form pieces about people whose stories are undertold, digging into stories doing sort of aggressive interviews about issues that matter, and doing them across many platforms.

We have CNN, HBO, Al Jazeera, National Geographic and a number of other partners we’re going to be announcing over the next couple of weeks. And they’re big. I think those are just people who don’t understand what I’m doing. I think there’s a new model of media, honestly. I feel like I’m a little bit at the cutting edge of that. We’re creating something very different as the model is changing very dramatically."

Source: startribune.com

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