Tweet Soledad O'Brien About Battle for Blair Mountain Documentary

Do you tweet? Soledad O'Brien will be answering questions about her latest CNN documentary, Battle For Blair Mountain, on Twitter from 9-10pm ET on August 7th and August 11th.

It's about the fight over mountaintop coal removal. Miners say the "MTR" projects provide much needed jobs. The environmentalists say the cost of MTR -- to the environment, the people and the future -- is just too high. What do you think? 

Soledad is at  http://twitter.com/#!/Soledad_OBrien. Mark your tweets or just follow the conversation using the hashtags  #Battleforblair  #mtr  #coal

Battle for Blair Mountain: Working in America airs Sunday, August 14 at 8:00pm ET and PT on CNN/U.S.

Sharples, West Virginia – population: around 100 people – is ground zero in the fight over an issue of importance to every American who has ever plugged in a computer, watched a television or taken a hot shower. Around 50 percent of electrical power in the United States is produced by coal. Across the nation, a schism that separates pro-coal and pro-environment movements over mountaintop removal, a destructive yet highly effective form of strip mining, is deepening.

CNN documents the intense struggle over mountaintop removal with anchor and Special Correspondent Soledad O’Brien examining the fight over Spruce One, one of the largest mountaintop removal sites ever proposed in the U.S.

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