"Escape from Jonestown" Video

"Escape from Jonestown" was first broadcast on CNN November 13, 2008.

In this clip, a girl who fled into the jungle after her mother was gunned down returns to the scene with CNN's Soledad O'Brien.


Anonymous said...

I've always heard about the Jonestown massacre when I was growing up. However, this documentary was so much more informative. I only wish it would have explored (in detail) the reason for Jim's mistress telling Tim to take the breifcases of money to the Russians. Did Jim have an escape plan after killing almost 1000 people?

Anonymous said...

As a Guyanese who has seen this documentary a few times, I have always wondered why no one has asked how a Guyanese felt about this tragedy.
I was 17 when this tragedy occurred, I and many Guyanese citizens knew initially about it from the BBC radio broadcast. At that time, most of the Guyanese population was kept in the dark by a repressive regime. Most of us did not know that there was such a commune living in the Essequibo region of Guyana. Most of us did not know what was in it for the repressive regime that was then ruling Guyana.
I would like to know who were the actual Guyanese, involved in allowing this commune and what was in it for them. It may be possible that some may be alive and can shed some light on these questions.
I have always felt that we, the common Guyanese were somewhat blamed for this tragedy when we ourselves were going through a "tragedy" of our own, caused by the same regime that allowed the creation of the Jim Jones commune.