Reactions to Rev. Wright Speech in Detroit

Rev. Jeremiah Wright clips filled the news shows yesterday & today as commentators and journalists weighed in on what effect this would have on the Obama campaign.

Wright gave a speech last night at an NAACP dinner in Detroit and another today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Soledad O'Brien was at the NAACP dinner because she was a guest announcer, and she discussed the reaction to the NAACP speech on CNN's American Morning.

Click here to watch the AM video segment


Denise said...

I am really surprised at your take on the Rev. Wright speech as a "home run" and as being very funny. (I realize that the audience did laugh at his "jokes."
There's nothing humorous at all about his mocking of presidents and religious leaders. As an Obama supporter, I fear that his words and theose that have followed this speec, are doing irreparable damage to Obama's campaign.

pulsar134 said...

"It was an illuminating speech. It was a really funny, not angry, interesting, dynamic speech. So, certainly a home run for him from that perspective," said Soledad O'Brien.

I bet you wish you could edit that remark. Anyone who ties themself to Wright is going down. Barack finally figured that out but it's too late for him - 20 years of listening to that rhetoric must have had an effect on him.

Anonymous said...

Why are so supportive of this pastor? You said his speech was "hilarious and entertaing" delivered to the NAACP? Can you explain what you mean?????

Anonymous said...

Whatever side you're on with Wright, read the transcript of the speech at
and then speak out. Reading all of it changed my mind. I won't say which way - you decide yourself

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Soledad O'Brien wish she could take back those comments. I know she was there in Detroit but I don't know if she realized the race-hate that Rev. Wright is filled with. I was shocked that she and Rick Sanchez of CNN were so thrilled with his speech. I use to be a bit of a fan of O'Brien's journalism but when I saw and heard her reaction to this speech, I dropped her from my mental list of really good journalist.

Like Barack said about Rev. Wright, he's a smart guy but he comes from those 60s radical days and a lot of his speeches can get heated and sometimes filled with a lot of mixed meanings. To me, they are not mixed meaning, they are totally racist rubbish.

The speech Rev. Wright did the night following the "JFK speech", he then went on a racist rant about how classical music is boring white music and black university marching bands have a groove that is so unique. Total racist junk that nobody needs to hear and nobody needs to give this guy a public stage to say.

The way that Soledad O'Brien fell in love with Rev. Wright was really foolish, she was obviously blinded by the public light and public platform that he was given.

I'm sure if Wolf Blitzer started to make positive comments about a David Duke speech where Duke could compare how classical music is so complex and beautiful because it comes from the "white mind" and how black music like the blues is so simple and foolish because it comes from the black mind...everybody would call CNN demanding that Wolf get fired. But the odd thing is, even David Duke in the year 2008 does not even make hateful foolish speeches like this.

Soledad and Rev. Wright are both fools. I definitely turn off the TV whenever either of them come on. Rev. Wright is a straight racist and Soledad is just a foolish follower. Too bad she threw away all of good skills over these comments she made, she should have been a bit more sensitive when reviewing this racist Rev. Wright's speech.

Yeah, Rev. Wright is not going to apologize about any of his comments because he's just a total simple minded fool who lives and feeds off of old stereotypes and hate.

But Soledad should have apologize to the viewers.

The journalism on CNN has really gone downhill a bit. The only good journalist there at the moment are Anderson Cooper, Susan Malveaux, Wolf Blitzer, and Lou Dobbs.

It's 2008, stop the hate.

frankie in new orleans