Soledad O'Brien's New Production Company

Soledad O’Brien’s new production company, Starfish Media Group, will work with CNN in a production and distribution agreement.

The production company will be producing long-form documentaries for CNN. The company will launch in June and this year will produce another installment of one of the network’s most successful franchises, Black in America.

The company will also produce three long-form specials for CNN in 2014.

The company will not work exclusively with CNN and will also work through other avenues of distribution including cable TV and the Web.

"The new partnership opportunity allows me to focus on what I love to do the most, and to focus on the next stage of my career, owning my own work," said O’Brien, "At CNN, I am grateful to have been able to tell often underreported stories and confront difficult topics. In the new production venture, I will continue to shine a light on what we all find most interesting about America."

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