Soledad O'Brien, Equestrian

As we have seen in earlier posts, Soledad is an avid equestrian. Despite an accident in October 2010 that required a well-publicized surgery, she was back in the saddle about five months later.

She continues to ride on weekends and it serves as part of her weekend escape from the weekday routine of hosting CNN’s morning program “Starting Point With Soledad O’Brien.”

Seen here at her country house in Dutchess County, N.Y., her later-than-usual but still early wake up and breakfast is followed by riding. She has recently adopted a retired racehorse named Sedona.

She has been riding her entire life, though she lost the opportunity to ride on any regular basis when she entered Harvard until her late thirties. When her daughters started school, she also started them riding as a way to restart her own riding.

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