Q&A with Soledad O'Brien About "Black in America"

A sample Q&A from "10 Questions for Soledad O'Brien" on the TheLoop21.com site which offers insight, resources and opinions on African American issues.

Loop 21: As a mom of four young children, do you want your kids to grow up respecting the complexities of race in America? Can you see where they already do?

S.O.: You know, my kids watch every [Black In America] documentary. When we start looking at screeners, they sit down…we all sit down together…. It’s very interesting for me to get their reaction to what they’re seeing. They were really broken up…I mean, it was painful for them to watch Nayo’s struggle. They really had a hard time with it because I think they don’t see me struggle with [being biracial]. We’ve had conversations about race at home… and I’m sure I’ve completely bored them out of their minds talking about race. I think it was very disturbing for them to see a young woman tortured about something so essential to who she is.

More at http://loop21.com/life/10-questions-soledad-obrien-black-in-america
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