Soledad at Charity:Water Event

Soledad in Joanna Mastroianni gown at Charity: Water Ball in NYC 12/13/10

Soledad O'Brien attended the charity: water event in New York which raised more than $1 million used for water projects in Central African Republic, Haiti and Ethiopia.

Guests slipped off their shoes to take on the Waterwalk and see what it’s like for the millions who have to walk miles for their water. They lined up and pledged their birthdays to raise money for water projects at our the Water Wall, and they read and watched stories from Cambodia to Liberia to Haiti to Central African Republic.

Charity:Water http://www.charitywater.org connects with Soledad's own efforts to keep a focus on the two million people living in tent cities in Port-au-Prince. Relief efforts have helped, but many are looking for jobs so they can provide for themselves. Soledad spent a good deal of time in Haiti this past year and her CNN documentary Rescued focused on Haitian orphans.
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