CNN's "Rescued" Sneak Peek in Miami

Soledad O'Brien hosted a sneak peak of CNN's newest documentary, Rescued, at the University of Miami's Cosford Cinema this week.

The one-hour documentary describes the plight of hundreds of thousands of Haitian orphans before and after the January 12 quake.

The story is told through the eyes of two orphans, six-year old Cendy Jeune, described as a "gem with a tough exterior", and former restavek (child slave) Marc Kenson Oliphi. Two American missionaries, Susette and Bill Manassero saved the two young Haitians by bringing them into their orphanage, The Lighthouse.

O'Brien's team picked up the project from visual journalist Jonathan Olinger, who began shooting the orphanage in 2007. Beginning less than one week after the quake, O'Brien traveled to the island three times to complete the story.

The invitation-only event was presented by  The Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center and the UM School of Communication.

Rescued will air this Saturday, May 8, at 8 p.m.

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