CNN's "In America" Has New Head

Former "Dateline NBC" producer Geraldine Moriba was announced as the new Executive Producer of CNN's "In America" division today.

Moriba is a five-time Emmy Award-winner and will be heading up the new network division devoted to extending the "In America" franchise anchored by Soledad O'Brien.

That series has so far produced Black in America 1 and 2 and Latino in America.

Moriba was at NBC for 16 years and was most recently senior producer for Broadcast Standards. She had worked on "Dateline" for 12 years.

"It is an honor to join CNN and the 'In America' team," Moriba said in a release. "I'm excited as I realize the magnitude of CNN's field of vision, and my mission is to continue CNN's tradition of telling underreported news stories first. I hope to raise the bar by delivering even more untold stories from underrepresented communities in new and innovative ways."

CNN Productions has produced:
  1. CNN Presents: Latino in America (2009)
  2. CNN Presents: Black in America 2 (2009)
  3. "CNN Election Center" (2008)
  4. CNN Presents: Black in America (2008)
  5. "CNN: Special Investigations Unit" (2007)

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