CNN Inauguration Coverage Includes Extensive Online Components

CNN's Inauguration Coverage begins on Tuesday at 5 am ET with American Morning broadcast's live from Capital Hill from 5-10amET.

Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper lead coverage beginning at 10 am ET from the rooftop of the Newseum. John King brings the "Magic Wall" into the Newseum as well.

Cooper and Campbell Brown anchor from 7-MidnightET, with Larry King anchoring live at MidnightET.

Building upon the networks record-breaking coverage of the presidential campaign and election, CNN will provide a front row seat for viewers worldwide with live coverage leading up to the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday, Jan. 20, including the swearing-in ceremony and the inauguration parade.

"This is one of the most historic events of our time, and CNN will utilize all of our resources to capture the magnitude of the moment," said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. "Throughout Inauguration Day and beyond, CNN's winning political team will continue to offer its trademark independent coverage which has been drawing a record number of viewers throughout this election season."

Anchor Soledad O'Brien and senior political analyst Jeffrey Toobin will report from Lafayette Park, the location of the presidential viewing stands and a central spot from which to narrate the parade.

Senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash will cover her beat from the Capitol Rotunda. National political correspondent Jessica Yellin and correspondent Jim Acosta will bring viewers into the crowds who flocked to Washington to watch the inauguration. Correspondent Joe Johns will do the same from the Washington Mall. Anchor John Roberts also will be live on Capitol Hill.

CNN.com will provide special live coverage of the presidential inauguration and all related events in their entirety. Throughout the day, the site's coverage will showcase the sights and sounds from the events captured by CNN.com reporters and photographers, as well as inauguration attendees. To provide additional perspective on the historic events taking place, the site also will feature reactions, analysis and commentary from CNN.com users and newsmakers alike.

CNN.com and Facebook are working together to enable users to connect and engage with each other while watching live all the events of Inauguration Day on CNN.com Live, the Internet's only multi-stream live video news service.

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, CNN.com Live users will be able to update their Facebook status directly from the CNN.com Live player and also see status updates from their friends and other Facebook users on CNN.com Live. On Facebook, the status updates for those using CNN.com Live will be published in their News Feed with hyperlinked tags that read "via CNN.com Live," so users' friends on Facebook can click the tag and join the CNN.com Live/Facebook experience.

Throughout the day, CNN.com Live will offer users up to four simultaneous live streams of inauguration coverage, including the parade and other related events happening in the capital, as well as Obama's inaugural address. CNN.com Live anchor Melissa Long will anchor live from Washington and interview various guests and contributors as the day's events unfold.

In addition to live streaming video, audio slideshows, photo galleries and interactives, other special inauguration coverage elements on CNN.com include:

"Your View of History" is a customized map, built using Google Maps technology, of the inauguration parade route featuring video and still images to provide a comprehensive visual experience of the day's events and the parade. Images will be placed on the map from the exact locations where they are taken, so that users can zoom in to get street-level views all along the route, giving users a closer glimpse of what it's like to be there;
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