Soledad O'Brien, Equestrian, Speaks on Thoroughbred Aftercare

August issue of 'Heels Down' magazine "Soledad O’Brien, From the Newsroom to the Tack Room"

Equestricon, the first and only fan festival to celebrate the sport of horse racing, was held in Saratoga Springs, NY August 13-15. Soledad O'Brien spoke about thoroughbred rescue and aftercare.

Her keynote address on the second day of the three-day festival at the Saratoga Springs City Center was about what the industry calls "aftercare" or a thoroughbred's life after its usefulness on the track is spent.

"It's not something that people in racing like to talk about," said O'Brien who owns two retired race horses. "But if the horses aren't rescued after they're off the track, they are slaughtered."

Soledad on Aspen

her own rescues, thoroughbreds 9-year-old Joey and 11-year-old Dezi, were retrained as jumpers for her teen daughters who regularly ride.

with rescue racehorse Joey
"Horse rescue is exactly what is not talked about," say Soledad. "Let's discuss it and talk about the real challenges and the real solutions. You don't need to be a professional. You just have to love horses. It's a really wonderful thing."
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