Soledad O'Brien's Very New Year

O’Brien, 47, left her daily journalism gig with CNN in March 2013 and started her own production company, Starfish Media Group. Since then, O’Brien has been working on projects ranging from producing documentaries for CNN to being a special correspondent for Al Jazeera America. And she’s looking to step things up in 2014, especially in the realm of political coverage. O’Brien will do pieces for AJAM on politics and is also aiming to take advantage of her new position as a journalist who can work across different networks and platforms.

In the time since CNN canceled “Starting Point” — she said she has not watched the replacement, “New Day,” and instead spends mornings sleeping in and then taking her four children to school — O’Brien’s career path could offer a blueprint for other well-known journalists who are looking to build something ambitious without being tied to a single media organization.

“There are so many platforms now that are very interested in creating content,” O’Brien said. “And for journalists, if you want to bring journalistic credibility and really operate — I mean, for any doc that I do, I have editorial control, that is a thing that I just never capitulate — if you can have those conversations where you can totally bring what you do well and keep control of what you do well, you’re in pretty good shape.”

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