Soledad Teaches on Sundance Channel's 'Dream School'

Soledad O'Brien will appear on tonight's installment of Dream School on the Sundance Channel at10pm.  It's about a class of high school dropouts inspired by a celebrity faculty and it is part of the new offerings from her Starfish Media Group production company.

On the show, the faculty is famous and the kids are dropouts. Will they succeed and change the course of these kids' lives? Or will they get schooled by a group of students who are unimpressed and unwilling to follow even basic school rules? Executive produced by Jamie Oliver and Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson and with celebrity teachers including Soledad O’Brien, Suze Orman, Oliver Stone, Swizz Beatz, Jeff Corwin, David Arquette, Jesse Jackson and more. Tonightis the second episode and features Jeff Corwin, Soledad O’Brien, David Arquette and Doriana Sanchez
I love the idea of being able to make [school] seem relevant to a bunch of 16-year-olds who have lost faith in the education system. I'm focused on it in a lot of the work that I do, the documentaries that I do and the foundation that I run. I fully get that young people need to have a good education in order to create the life they want. My job was to explain to them the things I like about what I do — there are interesting gigs on the other side of education.

This is not so far from the work she does with her Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond Starfish Foundation that works with girls who really want to go to college but have no way to do so. So far, they have sent 25 girls to college and one off to law school.

This semester, Soledad has returned to her alma mater as a visiting fellow at Harvard's Graduate School of Education.

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