Tonight's 'Great Expectations' Focuses on Education in CNN's 'Black in America" Series

Soledad O'Brien has hosted five documentaries in CNN's "Black In America" series and the award-winning franchise has attracted national attention and sparked in-depth discussions about race in the United States.

The latest installment, titled "Great Expectations", explores America's education gap. Specifically, it examines young African-American boys in a low income area of Minneapolis.

The documentary also examines the controversial subject of charter school system and talks to experts who are both for and against the change in public education. O'Brien addresses the charter school vs. public school debate which has caused controversy in cities like Chicago and Washington D.C.

"Great Expectations" airs on CNN tonight, August 30th, and is likely to start new conversations about not only how young black males learn but also the methods of closing the race gap in education.

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