Soledad 2004

Soledad, 2010
From  a September 2004 interview for CNN , Soledad talks about the birth of her twins. 

"I feel great, so much better than I did [after I gave birth to] the two girls. This time it's much easier, my nursing is going much better. My recovery has been great. Sofia was an especially tough recovery. I am sleeping well. I guess I would say that, by three weeks, everything starts coming together.

Some of the logistics are tricky; you just really need another set of hands. It's physically gone well, and that is a basis for everything going well. If Mommy is feeling well, that makes everything better. I have been very lucky, no postpartum depression.

You end up being a hostile person if you don't take time for yourself. Balance comes at the expense of sleep. The more kids I have, the more calm I become. I just get more and more relaxed. You realize you can't control it -- you can't make a newborn stop crying.

You get very Zen. Twins are logistically trickier, and I am glad they weren't my first and second children. Having a baby nurse, or your mom, or your friend come over really helps.

...I do I miss work. I couldn't stay home all the time. It's hard to be a working mom, but it's also hard to be a stay-at-home mom. I like when you work, you also get time for yourself, which is great.
In another couple months the girls will have their play dates, and everyone gets back on their schedule including me. But it's been very nice to be home.

I also have a nice schedule [because] I will be home by noon during the week. I will still pick up the girls from school, then try to get to the gym and then be home with the boys. I try to be home with everyone in the afternoon. I haven't quite worked it all out yet. With Sofia I didn't really go to the gym, [but] with more kids I want to take time out, and try to figure out where do you squeeze in going. The more kids you have, [the more] you realize they'll be fine if you go to the gym for an hour."

Soledad returned to CNN on October 18, 2004
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