Soledad and the Katie Couric Rumor Mill

O'Brien & Couric at a book party for Soledad's latest book

Soledad at NBC -2003
The Katie Couric rumor mill is cranking up again because there have been reports that she will leave her anchor position at CBS Evening News.

Couric is expected to leave her position after almost five years. The ratings have been less than stellar and her contract is up on June 4. Of course, CBS had been in third place behind NBC and ABC for 13 years prior to Couric’s arrival, so you can't blame Katie for all of it. They can blame her for not improving it.

The two current rumor paths are what Katie will do next and who will take her seat at CBS. The popular rumor for the former is that she will launch a syndicated talk show next year. On the latter path, Soledad O'Brien has been included in the list of possible Couric replacements.

The Wrap TV  said that of Soledad: "The CNN anchor might actually be capable of matching the perkiness quotient that Couric's replacement will require."

Soledad is friends with Couric as they worked together at NBC when Soledad hosted the Weekend Today program during the late 1990s.

Anchoring at CNN
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