CNN Student News and Videos

CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program for middle and high school students produced by the journalists and educators at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion Web site at cnn.com/studentnews are available free of charge throughout the school year.

Teachers and parents can record the program on HLN from 4:00-4:10 a.m. ET Monday through Friday. You can also see it as a streamed video on our Web site (CNNStudentNews.com), or download it as a free podcast. The program is free and accessible to anyone who wants to watch; there are no subscription charges or contracts to complete.

Online there are also teacher materials presented free of charge, including Daily Transcripts for each show, Daily Discussion questions, the Media Literacy Question of the Day, in-depth Learning Activities, downloadable Maps and additional support materials to help students understand the news.

In addition, the educators at CNN offer Discussion Guides for CNN documentaries and initiatives, including Soledad O'Brien's Black in America and Latino in America.

How can I use this show and its materials in my classroom?

A "Media Literacy Question of the Day" is designed to help students examine media messages and their delivery and is a good discussion starter either before or after watching the show.
The Daily Education Alert offers information on the major stories for that day. You can sign up for this email on our home page. You can also check the Daily Transcript to see what stories are in the show. CNN recommends that teachers preview the 10-minute program, along with any video they choose to show in the classroom, before showing it to students.
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