Educator and Parent Guide for CNN "Unwelcome" on Muslims in America

CNN Student News is producing an Educator and Parent Guide for the documentary Unwelcome: Muslims in America.

The one hour documentatryairs Sunday, Mar. 27 at 8:00pm ET & PTCNN and is anchored by Soledad O’Brien. It will re-air on Saturday, Apr. 2 at the same airtimes.

The program looks at an the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro deep in the Bible Belt that says it needs to expand to accommodate the need for larger prayer and activity spaces for the growing Muslim community. Yet, as the center proceeded with its plans, the imam began receiving hostile telephone calls, and the construction site was vandalized multiple times – including spray painting of the words “NOT WELCOME” over the construction sign, and an arson fire that destroyed equipment at the site.

The guide will help viewers promote critical analysis of news and information include discussion questions, and a learning activity. The guide will be available on www.CNNStudentNews.com prior to the debut of the documentary as a companion viewing aid.
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