Points of Pride With Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien spoke with MyJet247.com about some of her proudest moments - as a mother and as a journalist.

"...I think my proudest personal moments are the same as every other mom and that is after the 600th time you’ve told your kid to say please and thank you. It’s like what do you say, what do you say? And then all of a sudden, unprompted, in a moment that you least expect it, some darling small child looks over at someone who just handed them a treat and says: ‘Thank you!’ And you say, ‘Yes Lord! It was worth it!’ All that effort and nagging and all that consistency. And inevitably they turn around and smack their sister on the head and all the joy is gone!

It was exciting working on "Black in America." I learned a lot and I think we’ll use a lot of those lessons in "Black in America 3" and if we do "Black in America 10." It’s like that was good, but let’s make it better next time. That’s the mantra for everything. I think that’s a good way to be and maybe it means I’ll be employed for the next three years."
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