How I Got Here: Soledad O'Brien

Q: Who are you? How do you define yourself?
Soledad: I would have to say what day are we talking about? Are we talking about the days where I am dashing to school with my kids, then I am a mom. If I am late for a meeting in the office, then I am a working mom. Am I out to dinner with my husband, on one of our rare dates alone, then I am a wife, been married 15 years to a guy I met in college, who has been my best friend forever. I am a journalist. If I am knee-deep in covering a story, like Haiti, then I am a journalist, a working journalist, covering breaking news. If I am doing a documentary and on a plane, then I am a reporter working on a story that sometimes takes literally years to get done. So I guess I am a lot of things, so my identity is all based on where I am at the moment where somebody has asked me. Some days, I am a philanthropist. Some days, I am just an over-worked working mother.

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"How I Got Here" is a series of stories looking at newsmakers, places or events and the path taken to reach the present. In the first installment, Soledad O'Brien talks about the challenges she has faced, how she defines herself and what success really means. O'Brien is a CNN anchor and special correspondent for CNN's In America unit, which explores untold stories in underreported communities.
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