The NAHJ Soledad O’Brien Scholarship

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists announced new scholarships totaling $40,000 from the Gannett Foundation, Soledad O’Brien, anchor and special correspondent for CNN and Maggie Rodriguez, co-anchor of The “Early Show” on CBS.

“Hispanics remain woefully underrepresented in mainstream U.S. newsrooms. One of NAHJ’s goals is to help more qualified Hispanic students move from the classroom to the newsroom,” said Iván Román, NAHJ’s Executive Director. “We’re thankful to the Gannett Foundation, Soledad and Maggie for stepping up to the plate and investing in the next generation of Latino storytellers.”

The Gannett Foundation/NAHJ Scholarships will be reserved for students attending Florida International University and will be awarded to those pursuing careers in print, broadcast, online and visual journalism.

The NAHJ Soledad O’Brien Scholarship will award up to $5,000 to undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a career in TV broadcast journalism.

“I’m particularly thrilled that we are kicking off the first NAHJ Soledad O’Brien scholarship, especially in the face of a recession,” said Soledad O’Brien. “We can’t let the efforts to diversify the ranks in journalism lose steam–it’s critical to our community that all of our voices are heard in media. Educating young journalists to tell the stories across the globe is the future of fair and responsible journalism.”

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