Soledad with David Pogue

One of Soledad's 1997 interviews on The Site was with David Pogue.

He graduated from Yale University in 1985, summa cum laude with Distinction in Music, and spent ten years working in New York as a Broadway musical conductor.

His tech credentials included writing for Macworld Magazine from 1988-2000. His back-page column was called "The Desktop Critic." He started writing tech books with Macs for Dummies as a followup for the publisher of the "...for Dummies" books, whose first DOS for Dummies, launched the still-popular series.

David Pogue continues to write many non-fiction tech books.

In his segments with Soledad, David Pogue showed his musical side with some parody compositions including (click to play) "Don't Cry for Me Cupertino," "Macmaker," and "I Write the Code."

Pogue became the New York Times personal technology writer in 2000. He continues to write columns in print & online and tech guides such as iPhone: The Missing Manual, The World According to Twitter and David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual.

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