Soledad O"brien at Festival of Ideas

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien stressed the importance of diversity in America Monday as part of the David C. Hardesty Jr. Festival of Ideas lecture series at West Virginia University.

In front of audience of nearly 300 people, O'Brien shared her experiences of diversity through covering breaking news all-throughout the world.

Most recently, that has been covering the earthquakes of Chile and Haiti.

"We’re all in this boat together. There’s no ‘Wall Street versus Main Street’ as much as the media likes to say it. The health of one of us is dependent on and relates to the health of the rest of us.

We have an opportunity now to hear from all of our voices and celebrate the value of diversity. Not better, not worse, just different to create some of the solutions that I think we clearly need in this country."

She noted that her perspective is not superior to others, just different, but stressed that diverse viewpoints are healthy for the country.

O'Brien has won a Peabody award for her coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Her most recent documentary projects have been Latino in America and Black in America 1 & 2, but she noted that the stories are not only about race, but telling a compelling story that appeals to those of all colors.

"America is the story of change, America is the story of populations coming in and adding to this melting pot and making the nation better because you bring all these different ideas," said O'Brien.

O'Brien is working on a documentary about Native Americans.

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