Getting Personal About Helping Haiti

Soledad O'Brien spent time in Haiti covering the disaster relief efforts there after the earthquake. She is working on a CNN documentary about Christian missionaries helping in Haiti, but she spoke recently about the personal efforts that people can do - including her own young children.

"My kids, their project for their second -and third-grade classes, is they got plastic bags and put in notebooks and pencils and pencil sharpeners and stickers because when I was in Haiti the kids loved these little horse stickers my son put on the back of my blackberry. They went, 'Oh, these are great.' So I said, 'We should bring some stickers next time I go.' So I brought two roller bags of 300 notebooks, pencils and stickers and it happened to be the first day of school. That was something little we did. Did it make a huge difference? No. But a bunch of kids have notebooks now. So there's a lot of things you can do that cost nothing or very little."

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