Mr. Neutron Sings About Soledad O'Brien

Mr. Neutron is a poorly dressed trio from New Jersey consisting of two Italian brothers and a non-Italian drummer. We love and support them not only because they wrote and recorded "Soledad O'Brien" - a late 90s rocking tribute to Soledad in her NBS days - but also because it is so rare to hear a good rock tune with "dichotomy" in the lyrics.

Give a listen to the now classic rock  "Soledad O'Brien"

Mister Neutron now offers a powerful wave of live surf/instrumental music. Though bred on Jersey surf, the boys toured California in 2007, including a two-hour set at the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach.

Damian Fanelli, Tony Fanelli and Drew Paradine have been performing and recording together since 1984 and recorded a number of EPs which led to their their first full-length CD, MISTER NEUTRON LOVES YOU, which was released on Deep Eddy Records in 2004. It captures their sound at the time - first the Stevie Ray Vaughan-influenced garage stuff, then the later shift to modern surf/instrumental rock.

There's more about the band and other non-Soledad tracks at:

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