Latino in America Advance Screenings

Las Vegas was one city in a tour of at least 15 cities that had advance screenings of CNN's Latino in America series that will debut on next week (October 21 and 22).

At these screenings, audience members become involved in discussions about and beyond the documentary, and hopefully start conversations about their own local issues.

Patterned after last year’s Black in America, the show is an exploration of the role of Latinos in today’s — and tomorrow’s — United States.

Latino In America, hosted by CNN personality and Black In America host Soledad O’Brien, will focus on the growing U.S. Hispanic population and the pertinent issues that face the community.

According to Mark Nelson, vice president and senior executive producer for CNN Productions, “The In America brand strand gives us the opportunity to look at groups of people in America that have been misreported or in some cases neglected by the media. We found out with Black In America that many people who watched were not only black but Hispanic as well. This is the fastest-growing minority group in America today, but we don’t understand how really diverse this group is. The show focuses on how Latinos are changing America and how America is changing Latinos.”
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