The Rumor Mill: Soledad in the Morning?

From medialifemagazine.com comes this latest Soledad O'Brien rumor:

"So what about mornings?

That’s really the big question going forward, now that ABC News has anointed longtime “Good Morning America” co-host Diane Sawyer the successor to “World News” anchor Charles Gibson.

The key will be finding someone who can complement “GMA’s” remaining co-anchors, Robin Roberts and Chris Cuomo. Like Sawyer and Gibson, the two had hard news reporting backgrounds before joining “GMA, Roberts on ESPN and Cuomo on “Primetime.”

Despite the nature of morning news, which means giving interviews with politicians and presidents equal weight as those with reality stars and celebrities, Sawyer and Gibson always insisted on focusing on hard news.

Sawyer famously lamented the state of celebrity culture when, during a 1995 interview with surprise newlyweds Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson, she prefaced a question about their sex life by saying, “I didn’t spend my life as a serious journalist to ask these kinds of questions.”

If ABC wants to stay true to that ethos, it may consider bringing in Elizabeth Vargas, who briefly co-anchored “World News” with Bob Woodruff in 2006.

Other hard-news veterans with enough personality to pull off morning silliness include two who were named as Couric’s potential replacements, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and NBC’s Natalie Morales."

Soledad in her NBC Today days...

and co-anchoring CNN's American Morning
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