Soledad Named One of the "20 Modern History Makers"

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, UPSCALE Magazine's February 2009 issue unveiled the list of 20 modern history makers who have worked to create a better tomorrow for the world and who have raised the bar with their legendary accomplishments.

Their list of "20 Modern History Makers", includes President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien and 17 others. The top 20 listing showcases a cross section of national and global achievers in politics, medicine, media and business.

"Filling the shoes of legendary civil rights icons like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and Rosa Parks is no easy feat. Along with other contemporaries, they helped pave the way for many of the changes and rights that we now enjoy. Historic events continue to unfold before our eyes," said Tamara Crockett of UPSCALE Magazine. The magazine was founded in 1989 by Bronner Bros. Enterprise and is a lifestyle magazine for savvy, trendy and successful African-Americans.
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