Soledad's New Orleans Connection

Soledad O'Brien's documentary, "CNN Presents: One Crime at a Time," certainly has the attention of New Orleans residents.

"Soledad O'Brien's New Orleans Ties Are Personal" is the title of a piece by Dave Walker, TV columnist, for The Times-Picayune.

Though the program depicts street murders, a dysfunctional justice system and civic corruption, he feels "the overall take-way from the special, at least as it's processed by not-from-heres watching around the world, will be positive" because of its focus on crime-fighters working to make a difference in the city.

O'Brien says, "I love New Orleans. The highest compliment I get is, 'You're from here, right?'" She has spent much time reporting from there during and post- Hurricane Katrina.

O'Brien is also connected to the city through her best friend, former CNN and NBC news executive Kim Bondy, who lives there. Bondy said O'Brien's attachment to New Orleans goes beyond reporting news.

"She does things that are beyond her workaday life for the city," Bondy said. "She carries it as a theme now, because I think she really, truly cares." For example, O'Brien, who has four children of her own, is funding a high school scholarship for a local student to Ursuline Academy.
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