Soledad and CNN at the Republican National Convention

CNN will quickly shift its resources and team from Denver to St. Paul this week for special coverage leading up to the Republican National Convention.

Soledad O'Brien will once again be pulling multiple assignments next week anchoring three segments during the 9-4 p.m. period.

Throughout the week, a special edition of CNN Newsroom from 9 a.m. to noon will feature her presenting extended segments of convention coverage.

A special noon hour will again be led by Soledad O'Brien, Ali Velshi and Gerri Willis and will focus on the economy and presidential politics. The hour will include guests and panelists live from the CNN Grill on site.

CNN Newsroom will return from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Soledad O'Brien leading CNN's special convention coverage with frequent highlights and reports live from St. Paul.

The Situation Room will pick up at 4 p.m. with Wolf Blitzer anchoring from the convention floor, and then the network will move into its special primetime convention coverage beginning at approximately 6 p.m. Campbell Brown, Gloria Borger and John King, along with the "magic wall," will join Blitzer on CNN's floor set. The coverage will extend late into the night and lead into a special midnight edition of Larry King Live.

Throughout the day and evening, CNN's political team will once again offer the latest news and thoughtful analysis. Correspondents include Dana Bash, Candy Crowley, Joe Johns, Suzanne Malveaux, Bill Schneider and Jessica Yellin.
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